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Top definition. Vaginal unknown. More awesome than awesome.

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These men would tell me things that were untrue and I would count ceiling tiles while they fumbled around in the wrong ZIP code, if you know what I mean. Instead of correcting them, I just nodded and faked my share of orgasms because I prioritized men feeling comfortable over my own sexual pleasure. Studies tell us that up to 67 percent of women who have experienced penile-vaginal intercourse have faked orgasms.

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It can help with body image anxiety. Now, her latest work puts vulvas and vaginas in the spotlight thanks to her new book Womanhood: The Bare Reality and forthcoming Channel 4 documentary: Vaginas. And when women share intimate photos and deeply personal experiences relating to their vaginas, the result is a tender yet taboo-exploding message of women reclaiming their womanhood.

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Basically everything you need to know about having the happiest, healthiest vagina possible. Because let's be real, there are a lot of vagina-related questions out there. Is that bump normal?

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The human vagina is a muscular tube. It opens to the outside world in the vulva and plunges through the muscles of the pelvic floor to meet the cervix. The innermost layer of the vaginal wall is a thick mucous membrane the white stuff, in the image above that sits atop a network of blood vessels.

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After decades of misogynistic messaging, dangerous chemicals, and misinformation about vaginal health products, the industry is finally creating space for brands and formulas made to help women. There are condoms sold without creepy penis references and glow-in-the-dark what-have-you. There is lube made without vaginally irritating chemicals.

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Everyone is fascinated with vaginas —what they look likehow they smelleven how they change over time. Clearly, we're interested in vagina facts and have a lot of questions. We tapped a few top experts to find out more about lady parts.

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I may be 28 years old, but I'm only recently discovering the wonderful world of vaginas. I mean, I've enjoyed them sexually for a long time, but I never really wanted to know much about my vagina. Sure, we all take the necessary steps when we have an " Is my vagina normal? I just wasn't into self-exploration or understanding periods or anything.

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Obviously we all know that, but it bears constant repeating. Seriously: respect. What can you do, penis?

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When most people think of the clitoris, they think of the small visible part. But research indicates that it actually has branches that extend down underneath the skin, along either side of the vulva, kind of in a wishbone shape. The vulva refers to the outside, visible parts of your genitalia.


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