Lesbians and possesiveness

First, an infographic:. Infographic by Alex Vega. The answer options were Constantly, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never, and the percentages above represent those who chose Constantly, Often or Sometimes for that topic.

Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Are you green-eyed with jealousy?

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They say that love is all that matters. While some would disagree that love is not everything, some would say that without love you are nothing. And, this is what most women believe in — that love is all that matters to them.

Think about it: we tend to be friends with our exes. We tend to make out with our friends. We tend to run in really small circles.

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When it comes to who men and women might be interested in, people often believe that if they do not fit into the normal stereotypes, that something is wrong with them. Those who do not fit into acceptable standards for men and women or the heterosexual lifestyle often live in fear and embarrassment, afraid to come out for fear of rejection or being a victim of hate crimes. In some countries, the LGBT community is not encouraged and there are even laws that prevent such people from coming out.

My mistake. When I am unsure about her love, it has been a reassurance of sorts to see she cares enough to worry about me and who else might be interested. I know how pathetic that sounds.

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We fell hard and fast for one another over the past 3 months. She is a stud with much experience while I was in the closet and had only openly dated men prior to her I had only slept with women before, but never had a relationship with them. When we began talking to one another she swept me off of my feet and I fell so hard for her that I came out to my entire family. Everyone is totally accepting of her and is happy that I am out.

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Filed in: Living Tags: jealousylesbianlovepossessivenessrelationship. Possessiveness and jealousy are learned coping strategies. As a child we formulate all sorts of ways to cope with the family dynamics we are subjected to and I say subjected to because as a child we don't have any choice about the environment in which we live - we are expected to simply live with it.

Attention self-identified straight women who have at least one lesbian friend: Do not — I repeat — DO NOT get possessive over your lesbian friend when she's trying to get laid. Don't hold her hand at a Pride after party. Don't act bitchy toward the girl she's crushing on when you're meeting her for the first time. And don't you DARE get all up in her grill when she's flirting with a lesbian she likes in the lesbian bar.


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